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Height: 5'-10
Weight: 215 lbs
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Finisher: Snakebite Slam
Entrance Music: Negasonic Teenage Warhead by Monster Magnet
Shinobi was taken in by the Takuhura dojo at a very young age and raised in the ways of the Ninjas. After over 20 years of training, he went on a quest for knowledge. His travels took him all over the world. He finally arrived in North America and heard of the world of pro-wrestling. After trying several leagues, he was approached by the NFW for the Heavyweight Title Tournament. Shinobi accepted but was destroyed in the first round by Tiny Tubbs. He then went on to lose his Cruiserweight Title to Amerikid in Exeland WI. Shinobi then went on a sebatical from wrestling for several months. When he returned, he had forsaken his former rulebreaking ways and quickly became a fan favorite, defeating Dan Armstrong in his return. Shinobi was on a roll as he also gained a victory over the veteran Tasty Travis Lee to earn a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Outside interference cost him the match. Roux's Crew had come in and attacked El Supremo. Shinobi took a chair and defended El Supremo. The two then joined up to form a tag team. They quickly won the Tag Team Titles.  Soon After Shinobi won the Cruiserweight Belt again, only to lose it later the same night.  

Eventually team Shodows lost the belts and lost some of their steam in the NFW.  El Supremo lost a loser leaves the NFW match and Shinobi was on his own once more.  He set his sights on the Cruiserweight belt and got in the tournament for the title at Melee at Ray's  He fell victim to a Hurricanrana from Mayhem and lost out in the first round.  

Then suddenly at the Chippewa Chiller, Shinobi decided it was time for no more mister nice guy.  He broke his opponents collar bone and decimated the man's partner when he tried to help.  This could mean a return to the darkside for the NFW's ninja

Then teamed up with the Hangtime players a few weeks later.  Took on Don Roux as his manager to form Underdogs Inc.

Underdogs Inc then joined up with Pain & Agony to take all the Titles in the NFW

Won his third Cruiserweight TItle in March 2003,  Held it until Wrestlefest 2003.

Left Pain & Agony at Wrestlefest 2003 and Assited Darkchild in his World Title victory.

Joined up with former Pain & Agony PArtner Major Chaos to forma new tag team and enter the NFW tag team ranks again.

What does the future hold for the man of mystery? Only time will tell...