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Past Matches
Winter, WI  July 4th, 2003
Won a Ten man Battle Royal.  A first for me.  I've only been in three royal ever and it was escpecially rewarding to win this one.

Lost to LaPean the Dream as the last man in a Guantlet match for the Hardcore TItle.  Had him beat but went for one more move.

Tony, WI  July 4th, 2003
Major Chaos & I defeated Renny D & Eclipse in a tag team match when we both locked Choatic Locks on our opponents and they both tapped out.

Cornell, WI    June 21st, 2003
Lost to Major Chaos & Nathan Sensation when Eclipse turned on me in the tag team mathc.  Laid out Elcipse and Nathan Sensation when I hit them both with the Snakebite.  Major Chaos came to my assitance and we reformed the team.

Sheldon, WI  June 8th, 2003
Lost the Ace Spade in my return

With Pamana Red defeated Hangtime Players by DQ.  They kept the titles but we did beat them and I laid out Boogieman  with a sign.

Ladysmith, WI  June 1st 2003
Lost the Cruiserweight Title to J-Real

Prentice, WI  May 10th, 2003
Defeated Panama Red to retain my Cruiserweight title. Really starting to like this.

Phillips, WI, April 26th, 2003
 Defeated El Vato again to retain my Cruiserweight title. Starting to like this.

Barron, WI, April 19th, 2003
 Won a fourway elimination match to reatin my cruiserweight title when I lifted out of a double pin attempt from El Vato & Dark Wolf. Must only be smarter not better. Huckster got taken out earlier

Stratford, WI, March 8th, 2003
 Won a fourway dance to become the NFW cruiserweight Champion for the Third Time. Pinned Major Chaos in a match also involvin Trey & Cameron Steele.  HEY, It was for a title.

Eau Claire, WI  March 1st 2003  WRW
Lost to Sammy Sivard in a Hardcore, three-way dance that also included that big moron Big Dogg.  After he assaulted my manager Don Roux unmercilessly, I decided I had enough and threw the steps at him from about fifteen feet away. He went down so I slammed the stepps on him again and he cried and cried like Nancy Kerrigan >:(

Exeland Extreme, February 22nd, 2003
Defeated Darkwolf cleanly in the opening match.  He's still claiming that somehow Shurikin interferred.

Chippewa Chiller II, January 18th, 2003
Lost to Darkwolf in the opening match, he must have cheated somehow.. And yes you saw that right, Don Roux is now my manager. and I'm teaming with the Hangtime players.

Showdon In Sheldon II, Dec 21st, 2002
Defeated Zero, Ice's very stupid partner Almost as quickly as I beat Ice.  Then these two dimwits tried to attack me for no reason.  Most Dishonorable

Chippewa Chiller I, Nov 16th, 2002
 Defeated Ice in my shortest match ever.  Found out later I broke his collarbone. Oh so sorry apologize must humbly.

War at the Wheel IV. Sep 2nd, 2002
Lost to Boogieman in the first round of the US Title Qualifiing Tournament.  Why do I always get these monsters at these tournamens?

Weyerhauser Booster Days, Sept 1st, 2002
Lost to El Vato in a bid for the Cruiserweight Title.  I'm gonna get that title one day again.

Melee at Ray's II, August 4th, 2002
Lost to Mayhem in a qualifing match for the Cruiserweight Title.  Mayhem reversed a powerbomb into a hurricanrana and was able to roll me up for the win.  He went on to win the Title later that night from Steve Stardom.  

RPW, Hibbin, MN, July 20th, 2002
In my RPW debut, lost to the man I debuted against in NFW--Tiny Tubbs.  I had very little offense against a much slimmer Tiny Tubbs (down to about 300lbs).  It was strange in RPW and the fans did not seem to like me.  Tiny Tubbs was most honorable and shook my extended hand after the match.  

Chaos In Cornell, June 22nd, 2002
The Mercenary & I came up short in our shot at the titles.  Peter B was allowed to substitute for J-Real and things got bloody very quickly.  I separated my shoulder early on and will miss a few weeks action.

Showdown in Sheldon, June 9th, 2002
The Mercenary & I were able to overcome the Boogieman and Anicrusix.  We finished off Boogieman with our Snakebite/Splash Combo to earn a future tag team title shot.

Invasion, May 4th, 2002
The Mercenary & I were able to overcome Sammy Sivard and Vegas in a high impact tag-team match up.  They kept me out of the ring but I was finally able to jump in and hit the Snakebite to set up Mercenary's Splash from the second rope. The NFW is talking about giving us a shot at the titles soon.

Rapids Rumble: April 27th, 2002
In a six man tag team event, Anicrusix, The Mercenary and I were able to defeat Alex Steele, The Drugg, and Sonny Beach.  I hit The Drugg with the Snakebite and the Mercenary finished him off.

Vengence: April 13th, 2002
Beat the heck out of a big loser named Dangerous Don Roux when he began insulting the injured LaPean the Dream.  I defended my teammates honor and gave Don Roux a most humiliating loss. Don Roux is by far the largest person ever to be put in the Tarantula.

Revenge: February 15th, 2002
El Supemo & I defeated High Society by DQ when Timmay Storm interferred.  Since it was won by DQ we didn't get the titles.

Hell In Halder: November 3rd, 2001
El Supemo & I defeated Steve Stardom and Vegas Radikal when Stardom fell victim to the Snakebite.

Leaf it to Rusk:  September 29th, 2001
Dysfunction def Shinobi with the Smokarooni

 Homecoming Havoc:  September 28th, 2001
High Society (J-Real & Dysfunction) came out with Peter B Beautiful to challenge for the Tag Team Championship. Champions El Supremo & Shinobi hit the ring running and the challengers rolled to the floor.  As the match got underway, El Supremo started doing back flips.  Soon it turned into a contest.  IN the end it was decided that El Supremo and Dysfunction were the only ones who could do it without falling on their backs.  Dysfunction and El Supremo stared out but both quickly tagged.  Shinobi got control of J-Real with his triple kick followed by a running bulldog, which earned a two count. He then hit a double under suplex and began working J-Real's arm.  El Supremo tagged in to begin his offense, but that attack was stopped by a low blow. High Society isolated El Supremo but he rallied and hit double foot drop kick. Shinobi quickly came in and hit a big tilt-a-whirl slam.  As he sent J-Real to the corner it was reversed.  But Shinobi was ready and spun out, locking in the Tarantula.  He followed up with a running wheel kick in the corner.  El Supremo then dropkicked J-Real through the ropes and the action spilled to the floor.  That's when Peter B got involved sending Shinobi into El Supremo and the steps. Supremo rolled back in and held his own but Peter B continued to assault Shinobi on the outside with a chair.  Meanwhile back in the ring, Supremo got pulled face first into the bottom turnbuckle.  Dysfunction hit a top rope leg drop and they set Supremo up for a spike piledriver.  Supremo swept Dysfunction's legs and slingshotted him into the turnbuckle J-Real was standing on.  J-Real crotched himself and Supremo began slamming Dysfunction's head into that same turnbuckle.  He then tagged in Shinobi who hit a big DDT followed by a tilt-a-whirl slam.  J-real broke up the three count with a low blow and cheapshoted El Supremo.  High Society quickly hit the Smokearooni on Shinobi to become the New NFW Tag Team Champions

Melee At Ray's:  September 22nd, 2001
 Cruiserweight Title Matches
Shinobi defeated Superstar Steve Stardom with a Rollup to become the new Cruiserweight Champion.  He then laid down a challenge to face any member of Roux's Crew.

An impromptu match began with Shinobi facing both Amerikid & LaPean the Dream.  Shinobi put up a valiant fight but finally fell victim to Amerikid's Top Rope Elbow.  Amerikid became the New Cruiserweight Champion.

War At The Wheel II:  September 3rd, 2001
Amerikid def Shinobi after a Top Rope Elbow

Night of the Champions II:  September 1st, 2001
Tag Team Title Match
In the first match El Supremo  and Shinobi defended their tag team titles against J-Real and the newest member of Roux's Crew Mike "The Machine" Gage. After Mike was pinned J-Real turned on him but was quickly beat down and recieved Mike's finisher "The Overhead Cam"--a second rope Swanton bomb.

Rusk County Fair:  August 10th, 2001
Tag Team Title Match
Challengers El Supremo & Shinobi came out to face champions Amerikid & Rayzor Blade.  Blade and Supremo started going back and forth with a few holds until Supremo was stopped with a rake of the eyes. Blade then tagged in Amerikid who quickly began punishing Supremo with a series of clotheslines and bodyslams.  Amerikid went for a Boston Crab but Supremo got to the ropes.  He ducked under a clothesline and tagged in Shinobi.  Shinobi hit a big German release suplex and sent Amerikid into the ropes near the corner.  He then crawled up and over Amerikid and tied him up in the Tarantula.  When he finally let go Blade pulled Amerikid out to buy some time.  Amerikid rolled back in and hit a low blow. Blade & Amerikid began punishing Shinobi.  Blade locked on his Guillotine submission. Shinobi managed to escape and tag in Supremo who nailed a huge dropkick followed by a top rope tornado DDT. Shinobi locked in his Shiva's Bow submission and Supremo knocked Amerikid to the floor.  Shinobi then hit a standing moonsault and new champions were crowned.

War at the Wheel:  July 7th, 2001
  Cruiserweight Title Match
The show started out with Don Roux introducing the newest addition to his Crew, Tim Storm. Storm was scheduled to be one of three combatants in a Cruiserweight Title match up with Shinobi & Champion El Supremo. When the match got underway Storm exited the ring and let the other two go at it. The only time Storm would come in the ring was to break up a pin attempt or to hit someone from behind. When Shinobi went for a submission move, Storm hit him from behind. Only then did Storm hit El Supremo with a pump handle slam and went for a cover. Shinobi broke the count up and hit Storm with the Snakebite. He then went for a superplex on El Supremo, but Supremo turned it into a Tornado DDT from the top. While El Supremo was recovering from the fall, Storm quickly covered Shinobi for the win and the Cruiserweight Title. Storm and Roux left so quickly that he left his jacket in the ring so El Supremo & Shinobi destroyed it.

Wrestlefest 2001:  June 30th, 2001
Tag Team Title Match
In the Main Event, El Supremo & Shinobi challenged Amerikid & Rayzor Blade for the titles. Amerikid and Shinobi started out. Shinobi got in trouble early when he got his leg tangled in the ropes and was hanging by his ankle. The teams tagged several times as it appeared Shinobi wanted Amerikid but Amerikid wanted El Supremo. Finally Shinobi hit Amerikid with a spin kick and a gut wrench suplex but he then missed a moonsault. Both men tagged out and El Supremo & Rayzor Blade went to the ground, both gaining numerous two counts. Then the champions began brutalizing El Supremo. After a few minutes of this, Shinobi got sick of it and nailed Amerikid with a Kendo stick. He tagged in and gave Rayzor two viscous kicks pulling Amerikid back in. The two went back and forth and hit simultaneous flying face busters. Shinobi was up first and put climbed the ropes holding Amerikid in a wrist lock. He then walked out on the ropes and hit a big flying armdrag. He followed up with a Stoneplex. Both men tagged out and El Supremo showed the crowd that he was in fact adept at dishing out punishment. He was cut off with a rake of the eyes but managed to tag Shinobi. Shinobi sent both men down numerous times with double chops and Snakebite Slams. He locked in his submission move, Shiva's Bow, but Don Roux hit him from outside the ropes. Amerikid & Rayzor went to the top rope in opposite corners and hit the Ameriblade, a combination splash/elbow drop, for the win. They then attacked the defeated challengers but were cut off by Tiny Tubbs and a 2nd Shinobi coming from the back. The first Shinobi hit Don Roux with a chair unmasked, revealing that he was in fact Darkchild. Darkchild then laid down a challenge for Roux's Crew to face him and Tiny Tubbs at the next show for the titles.

Rumble at the Mount II:  May 26th, 2001
Cruiserweight Title Match
El Supremo def. Shinobi by DQ to retain the title.  Shinobi appeared to have the match won when Roux's Crew ran in and began pummeling El Supremo.  Don Roux handed Shinobi a chair expecting him to side with Roux's Crew but instead he attacked Roux's Crew with the chair.  He then helped El Supremo to his feet and the two of them issued a challenge to Amerikid & Rayzor Blade for the Tag team titles at the next show.

May Mayhem:  May 12th, 2001
Shinobi def. Tasty Travis Lee to become the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Title

Rumble At the Mount:  April 28th, 2001
Shinobi def Dan Armstrong

Night of the Champions:  September 3, 2000
Cruiserweight Title Match
Amerikid def. Cruiserweight Champion Shinobi with a Top Rope Elbow for the Title

Wrestlefest 2000:  June 6, 2000
SHINOBI came to the ring complaining that the match was in the US and not Japan.  The big hometown boy TINY TUBBS jogged to the ring to the cheers of his hometown crowd.  Referee Steve Stardom began to check SHINOBI for weapons, taking his nunchakus, a sai, and a GRENADE.  As the referee turned to check TINY TUBBS, SHINOBI rolled under the ring and came up with a Kendo stick.  He struck TINY TUBBS from behind but the blow seemed to have no effect other than to make the big man mad.  TINY TUBBS tossed SHINOBI from corner to corner hitting him with some huge splashes.  SHINOBI rolled out and disappeared under the ring.  He came up on the other side and snuck up on TINY TUBBS, throwing dirt in his eyes.  He did a few illegal chokes and went to work on TINY TUBBS's legs culminating by running both legs into a ring post. SHINOBI then hit a few diving forearms from the ropes and went for a chair, wedging it between the top and second rope.  TINY TUBBS reversed the throw and SHINOBI got a feel of the chair himself.  TINY TUBBS then took the chair out of the ropes and had a seat on it to catch his breath.  From there on it was all TINY TUBBS.  He ran SHINOBI's head into two turnbuckles and hit him with his Hillbilly Discus punch.  He then sent SHINOBI in and nailed his Spinebuster for the win.

Winner: TINY TUBBS by pin fall at 3:47