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05 July 2003
Chaos & I are officially throwing our hats in the ring for the tag team title tournament.  I am also officially lodging a protest with the NFW that they start fining people who win titles then disappear fromthe NFW.  I defended my titles every event.  What's up with this defend once amonth garbage? It is more than a little disrespectful in my eyes.  To see how  I truly feel n the issue, check out July's NFW Magazine.

09 June 2003
Just becasue I'm smiling, don't think you can trust me.  I do not taking a backstabbing well and Pain & Agony will have to do without me.  Congrats to J-Real on the win and Congrats to Darkchild.  Anytime I can be of help, let me know.  But this doesn't mean I like you.

28 May 2003
Most interesting, I will again be facing my old nemesis J-Real in a title defense, This time the crowd loves him and hates me.  So be it.  Just don't expect to win it anytime sson J-Real.

27 April 2003
Fans cannot decide if they love me or hate me.  Just love to see me fly.  Long as I keep that Title, I don't really care.

09 March 2003
Much to be said for blind aggresion.  I now have the NFW Cruiserweight Title again.  I become the first person to ever hold that title three times.  I intend to keep it for quite some time also.

01 March 2003
It's techinically the 2nd because it's like 2 am and I cannot sleep.  I came completely unglued at the event last night and tried to kill another wrestler who was MUCH bigger than me.  I threw a set of ring steps at him and hit himn owth them after hitting him with a chair like five times and breaking the chair.  I them picked up the steps and slammed them on him a second time beofre walking tot he back in a VERY FOUL mood.  

24 February 2003
Shurkin is back!!! He accompanied me to ringside in my tremendous victory over Darkwolf

12 February 2003
I have a new manger--Don Roux
A New clique--Underdogs Inc
a New Shirt--with my new motto and a killer pic
a New Motto--What part of, "I'm Evil, Don't Trust Me" Dont't you understand

03 December 2002
Bring it on Darkwolf.  You think you have what it takes to face me.  I will not be as forgiving as Darkchild.  And Lapean, if you do not pull your weight (a difficult task I admit) I will personnally be the one who slpas you into place.

27 November 2002
Told everyone the losing streak would end.  I also now have a new motto.  Nice guys finish last!!!

29 October 2002
Lightening my schedule for a few weeks while I train some more.  Was preparing to reenter the tag team division but my partner has not showed up for quite some time.  Going back after the Cruiserweight Title.  

15 October 2002
I have made a promise to myself and to my fans.  The losing steak will end.

16 August 2002
Looking forward to my match with Mayhem at Altoona.  He is a most worthy opponent. Hope to once again become Cruiserweight champion

04 August 2002
I was just wondering if Steve Stardom will ever find a cure for his curse.  Everytime he comes to Ray's in Ingram, WI, he leaves without the Cruiserweight Title.

25 July 2002

21 July 2002
Shoulder not healing as well as hoped.  Hope to be back for the Tounament for the Cruiserweight Strap, Aug 4th

08 July 2002
I seperated my shoulder and will miss a few weeks action.  I hit the steps very hard against Logan Lasher and Peter B and felt something give.  It wasn't the steps.  Should return the 13th in Eland.  

10 June 2002
Mercenary & I were able to defeat the Boogieman and Anicrusix for a title shot. NFW Booking committee, name the time and place.  I feel the need for some NFW Gold.

08 June 2002
Mercenary & I must go through the Boogieman and Anicrusix for a title shot.  Why do I feel like a Mogwi going into this match?

In other news it was most dishonorable what was done to my former tag team partner El Supremo at Wrestlefest 2002.  Don Roux  (don't deny it was you Don)  called INS and had my year long tag team partner deported.  I will avenge my fallen comrade by laying a beating down on Don Roux.  He has been taking apart Team Shadows one member at a time and does not realize this means eventually he will have to defend himself against the likes of me.  Revenge is coming Sumo Boy and she's riding a swift horse.

30 May 2002
The NFW booking committee is beginning to take notice of our accomplishments.  They are talking about possibly giving us a title shot some time this month.

28 April 2002
I must find a partner who can aford good clothes.  El Supremo never has shoes and the Mercenary's pant rip when he gets in the ring.  Most embarrassing..

19 April 2002
I just stopped laughing after two hours solid.  I watched the tape of my match with Don Roux and though it was one of the funniest things I ever saw.  I put him in the Tarantula.  It looked like a very small spider latched on to an elephants back.  (Don Roux of course being the elephant)

13 March 2002  
Finally made it into the states after this horrible weather.  I was forced to miss a show this past weekend due to the fact I couldn't get a connecting flight.  The weather was horrible.  Congrats to Damon and Chaz on winning the Straps from High Society.  Perhaps they'll give us a show soon.

16 January 2002
Back from the Takuhura dojo.  Went on a sabbatical with El Supremo to engage in advanced training. I'm now waiting for NFW Revenge Feb 15th to take out my anger on High Society and regain the tag team straps.

20 November 2001
Just wondering how Steve Stardom's back is after the Tarantula I locked on him at the Halder show.  Can't wait to put that on J-Real until he cries and cries like Nancy Kerrigan.

04 November 2001
Once again I was forced to sit by and watch my friend Darkchild get cheated by Roux's Crew.  He was trying to earn some bonus miles for a trip back to England but ended up a few miles short when he landed on the large oafish one after jumping off a backboard onto the Crew.

03 October 2001

Elbow is healing fine after Ameripuke dislocated it Sept 22nd.  I'll be back in time for the Oct 20th Show

27 Sept 2001

I just can't seem to keep my hands on that Cruiserweight Belt.  I won the Strap 22 Sept only to loose it in a handicap match later that evening. And I lost it to the same guy who took it from me in the first place: Ameripuke