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NFW Tag Team Title (with El Supremo)
won 10 August 2001 in Ladysmith, WI
From Amerikid & Rayzor Blade lost to High Society at Homecoming Havoc

NFW Cruiserweight Title (3 Times)

First Reign: Awarded June 6th 2000, lost to Amerikid at Night of the Champions

Second Reign: Won From Steve Stardom 22 Sept, 2001 Melee at Ray's; Lost the same night to Amerikid in a three way dance that turned into a handicap match with LaPean the Dream

Third Reign: Won in a fourway dance with Trey & Cameron Steele & Major Chaos when I pinned Major Chaos, March 8th, 2003 at the Stratford Slamfest: Lost to J-Real, June 1st 2003 at Wrestlefest 2003.